​The Body From The Cube Revealed As Model Andrianna Christofi

The mysterious character from game show The Cube known only as ‘The Body’ has had her true identity revealed, with model and singer Andrianna Christofi stepping forward as the woman behind the mask.

Christofi, 44, has featured in the ITV show since it began in 2009, regularly seen showing contestants how each task is done while wearing a white and red jumpsuit and silver mask.

Credit: Instagram/@andrianna_christofi

She told The Sun that she’s been in the entertainment business for more than 20 years, with previous gigs including singing with the Spice Girls and Boyzone.

Christofi, who is half-Greek and from Essex, also sang both national anthems for the England-Greece World Cup qualifier back in 2001, before David Beckham bagged a last-minute goal with a free kick.

She said of the occasion: “I heard gossip he had a crush on me. I remember the Greek players were quite flirty.”

Despite the fact that many of Christofi’s fans are only used to seeing her in a full bodysuit on The Cube, she admitted she gets various bizarre requests sent into the show.

“I often get asked for kinky stuff,” she said.

Some see me as a dominatrix – ‘I’ll pay you this amount if I can wrestle you.’

Continuing to discuss her showbiz lifestyle, Christofi spoke about X Factor star Chico Slimani, 49, who just so happens to be one of her exes.

After meeting him at her mum’s Christmas work party, where Slimani was hired as a stripper, the two dated.

Credit: Instagram/@andrianna_christofi
Credit: Instagram/@andrianna_christofi
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“He had the curliest hair,” she recalled.

He used to say, ‘You’re my Chico Baby.'”

We may now finally know that Christofi is the person behind The Body, but the mystery’s far from over, as new series The Million Pound Cube also features two new unidentified ‘Bodies’.

The show, which launched on 15 October, has a new format that sees contestants compete in pairs rather than solo, and play a mixture of ‘solo games and brand-new, two-player challenges’.

It returns with a whopping £1 million jackpot, five years after the original game show series came to an end.

Now we’re just going to be wondering who the two new Bodies are… It’s like The Stig all over again.