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Manon Fiorot, new ambassador of French MMA at the UFC

Manon Fiorot faces American Victoria Leonardo on January 20, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most prestigious mixed martial arts (MMA) league in the world. The 30-year-old fighter is only the second Frenchwoman in the UFC. Focus. ” It is a dream. Since I started MMA, that was my goal. »This January 20, 2021, Manon Fiorot is preparing to become the second Frenchwoman in history after Zarah Fairn Dos Santos to play in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most prestigious mixed martial arts league (MMA ) in the world, the next logical step for a fighter with a progression as linear as it is fast. “I already had three world titles, so it was time to go to the UFC,” she explains. Especially since I started MMA late and I’m already 30 years old. It was now or never. It was the right timing. ”Former snowboard champion However, Manon Fiorot could have taken a completely different path since she was champion in the youth field, in snowboarding, a sliding sport. “Life meant that I found myself in a sports-study in the mountains, she puts into perspective. There was snowboarding there and I tried my hand at this discipline. I got hooked straight away. ”But the young woman subsequently returned to her first passion. “I started karate at the age of 7,” she says. There was a club next to the house. And my father practiced wrestling. We were already swimming a bit in combat sports. I loved karate, I watched karate movies. And my friends practiced karate. ”After several years on the tatami mats, the interested party entered the rings for K-1 and Thai boxing fights, two sports in which she also quickly excelled. A delicate start in MMA “At the same time, I started MMA. »A foray into the world of mixed martial arts, initially delicate. “Maybe I wanted to go a little too fast,” she says. I went straight to the World Amateur Championships [en 2016, Ndlr], even though I had been practicing MMA for not even a year. The beginnings were a bit complicated. There were defeats. ”But, finalist in the 2017 European Amateur Championships, Manon Fiorot tried again at the world level, a few months later. With the gold medal at the end, this time, comforted by this success at the 2017 Worlds, she then went into the professional world. She certainly lost her first pro fight, in June 2018 in Belgium, within the Cage Warriors, a British organization. But this setback is only a parenthesis. South African reality TV show In 2019, a change of destination and scenery. Manon Fiorot flies to Johannesburg to participate in a reality TV show organized by the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC), the number one MMA league in Africa. “It was my manager who found this opportunity, in particular thanks to my title of amateur world champion,” explains the one who trains at the Boxing squad in Nice (South of France). But, to be honest, I didn’t want to be on that kind of show at all. Besides, I didn’t speak English. I was super stressed. I knew I was going to spend two months in South Africa. It was a rather complicated experience to live but, in the end, I succeeded. ”Winner of the game, Manon Fiorot then landed a contract at the EFC where she wasted no time in becoming queen. In December 2019, she clearly dominates the South African Amanda Lino, icon of MMA in her country. “He was the star of South Africa. Everyone was shouting ‘Amanda’ during this fight! At that time, there were still audiences in the stands. It is a very good memory. In the United Arab Emirates, Manon Fiorot becomes world champion of the EFC. Following this coronation, however, she launched an assault on another pro organization, the UAE Warriors, based in the United Arab Emirates. His record in this league? Three wins by technical knockout in 2020, as many demonstrations, and a maximum of confidence gained before tackling the UFC, especially since his debut in the holy of holies of MMA will be in the United Arab Emirates this 20 January 2021. “This is the fourth time in a row that I have fought here. I feel super comfortable, she says. I don’t suffer the effects of jet lag, unlike my opponent. ”In UFC Fight Island 8, she will face American Victoria Leonardo. An opponent whose qualities do not seem to impress him. No more than her status as the second Frenchwoman in the UFC. “I am focused on my fight. I don’t really think about all that, sweeps Manon Fiorot. Now that I’m there, my goal will be to win my next fights and get into the top 10 as quickly as possible ”. An elite, in the flyweight, where she believes she has ” [sa] place, widely ”.