If you don’t look after yourself, you cannot possibly look after others

Then, alongside the work of our fitness Guru Dave Reddin, and inspirational “new” generation players like Wilkinson, we were dragged kicking and screaming in to the 21st century and learnt about “self-care”. 

2. Your brain needs training too

One of my favourite quotes is from Daniel Dennett, the American philosopher: “What you can imagine depends on what you know”.

He is making the case that your creativity and capacity for innovation are directly fuelled by your knowledge. He is proposing that you’re your imagination requires effort and endeavour. 

Jamie Roberts, international legend and qualified doctor, develops this thought further.

“So, why train the brain? From a professional sport and certainly rugby perspective, sport is often about problem solving.”

This ties in with one of my favourite descriptions of rugby as a game of chess played with moving parts. Jamie says: “Think about identifying space, working out where to run to, assessing how quickly the defensive line is coming up?

“Who do I hit on the next pass? What sort of tackle do I make? For each individual the game is a cocktail of thousands of decisions and problem solving dilemmas.”