Junior Sport: Life Leisure Barrow Park giving plenty of variety in their first-ever kids summer camp

Life Leisure Barrow Park has been hosting its first kids summer camp during the school holidays and the multi sport activities have proven to be extremely popular as they run towards the end of their third week.

The Greengate Street centre has given the kids involved a full range of sports to keep themselves active with since they began on July 29, with each day lasting from 9:30am until 3:30pm for kids aged 5-13.

While football, of course, forms part of the week, it also includes sessions on basketball, cricket, gymnastics, hockey, tennis and rounders.

Life Leisure’s Dave Irvine said: “It’s been going brilliantly these last few weeks, a lot better than we could have hoped for, with this being our first time doing stuff like this.

“It’s been absolutely packed every day with every place booked out.

“The kids have all seemed to have enjoyed it and we’ve had one or two reports off parents saying that they’ve actually pulled their kids off other camps that they were booked on so they can come back and continue joining in ours because they’ve been having so much fun.

“We couldn’t have asked for it to go any better.”

One of the advantages the centre has is its swimming facilities, which they have made daily use of while the camp has been held.

Not surprisingly, jumping in the pool has proven to be extremely popular with the children with Irvine saying: “The kids absolutely love it, it’s always one of the favourite things that they do.

“We’ve got a real mixed bag of different sports that they’re playing and it’s good with the facility that we’ve got because we can offer all that – there aren’t too many places that have got access to their fields, the sports hall and the pool as well.

“We give them an hour in the pool each morning and they just go wild. The gym work has been really popular as well.”