Matti Heikkinen went to work for Olympic champion Samppa Lajunen, who bought almost an entire block of the heart of Helsinki in the summer – Pledge Times

After his skiing career, Heikkinen quickly completed his bachelor’s degree in economics.

Sprint features did not belong Matti Heikkinen strengths in his career as a top skier, which ended in the spring of 2019 and led to the World Championships, among other things, but in his post-sport life, Heikkinen has made rapid progress.

Already in a kind of HS in a farewell interview at the end of March 2019, Heikkinen said that he would go to the University of Jyväskylä School of Economics the following week to find out how to continue his studies, which had been frozen for almost ten years.

At that time, Heikkinen had a total of 99 credits, or more than half, of his bachelor’s degree in economics.

Heikkinen then completed less than the second half during one academic year, as he completed a bachelor’s degree last May.

Now Heikkinen already in his first post-career job, as he was hired in September as a combined Olympic winner (2002) Samppa Lajusen real estate investment company Samla Capital.

“I’ve taken a step forward, and now beginning to work. Meininki is good, ”Heikkinen says to Ilta-Sanomat, who told about his new job.

In summer it was reported that Samla Capital had acquired almost an entire block From the Crown House in Helsinki. There are four historically valuable properties in the block.

According to the company’s press release, three of the four buildings will be renovated into an “interesting and international hotel with ancillary services”. The fourth building on Liisankatu will be renovated for either residential or hotel use.

“We want to raise historically valuable buildings to new splendor,” Lajunen said in the company’s press release.

At Samla Capitals, Heikkinen is the Customer Relationship Manager, who is responsible for managing and developing investor-customer relationships.

“Active monitoring of economic and social issues and networking have been part of Mati’s daily routines for more than 20 years. In her work, Matti strives to exceed the set goals by focusing on relevant issues and active interaction between people, ”Samla Capitals website is presented about Heikki.

Heikkinen According to him, the decision to leave Lajunen’s company has matured longer.

“We were sitting at the table with Sampa when Samla was founded, and since then we have been doing things. This thing has not arisen on a whim – neither side nor the other. It’s nice to work for something I believe in, ”Heikkinen tells IS.