RTL Today – Covid restrictions: Consultative Commission on Human Rights surprised by lockdown easing

Luxembourg’s Consultative Commission on Human Rights has issued a report expressing surprise over the administration’s decision to ease certain restrictions only ten days into the lockdown.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, public health officials have always underlined that they will wait at least 14 days to determine the full outcome of measures.

The commission questioned the decision to ease restrictions at this moment in time, especially since both national and international health reports clearly advise against doing so.

The body concluded that due to the lack of coherence on the side of the administration, it was impossible to comment on either the necessity or proportionality of the new measures.

Nevertheless, the decision to push the curfew back to 11 p.m. is being welcomed, considering the effectiveness of the measure is still disputed altogether.

The commission also highlights the decision to reopen the cultural sector and parts of sport life as valuable. Similarly, the reopening of stores is being appreciated, despite the fact that the decision is not supported by epidemiological studies.

The report lamented that remote work has not been made an integral part of the draft law, although studies declare it to be one of the most efficient measures in terms of prevention. They further question the decision to turn away from home schooling again so soon after the announcement on 26 December.

The commission finally argued that the lack of coherence and effectiveness of measures is endangering the government’s credibility and people’s trust in it.

The State Council has also released its evaluation of the new measures and acknowledges that the current situation is highly difficult to assess. The full effect of the latest restrictions have not yet been established, which is why the easing of some of them remains questionable.

The Chamber’s Health Commission is meanwhile set to discuss the proposed measures at 5 p.m. today.