Sheridan Fencing teaches sport, life skills

Fencers ready? Fence!

“It’s fast, it’s exciting, it’s athletic, it’s different,” Jason Sheridan said. “It’s the greatest sport in the world.”

Jason Sheridan owns Sheridan Fencing Academy located on the Upper East Side.

“I was living and training in Poland for about four years [and] when I came back to the U.S., I needed a job,” Jason explained. “And I said I might as well start coaching and see where it takes me and I loved it and it just kind of grew and grew then I ended up starting my own place.”

Kids and adults of all ages can takes lessons all year long. Sheridan Fencing Academy is even offering several summer camps for kids.

It takes quickness, discipline and focus.

But, at the end of the day it’s about one thing.

“I just like have fun and I just like doing it, I like running around,” Ethan Katzke said.

“He has such joy in doing this, his face lights up. It’s just a beautiful thing to watch,” Michael Katzke, Ethan’s father, added. “I think it’s given him a great benefit to his coordination and mental discipline.”

All these fun and games can even turn into success.

“Pretty much every national event, we have somebody come home with a medal. We had one of our students last year, was individual Silver Medalist at World Championships” Jason said. “She [Adrienne Jarocki] was NCAA champion this year as well.”

Several fencers from Sheridan Fencing Academy are heading to the 2014 USA Fencing National Championships starting on June 22nd.

For Jason though, he says his greatest pleasure is from helping kids develop a sense of their own excellence and their ability to achieve things.