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SO THE USSSA wants to get kids back together now? Using surrounding states as an example is not a good idea. The virus is exploding in Texas and Arizona due to earlier openings. Maybe this is a time for better parenting. Sure children miss sports, but there are other things far more important in life than one season of a given sport. Life is full of disappointments. Time for the adults in the room to take responsibility and find other outlets for their children’s activities.

— Mark in Los Lunas

USSSA AND Dana Gilmer are not trying to help kids, they are trying to save their bottom line. In his press tour he has yet to mention that a league survey he initiated reported back roughly 70% of teams wanted the season cancelled due to health concerns.

— Local baseball coach


GILMER’S PLEAS were on behalf of himself and his own pocketbook. … (I)f this was truly about the kids, where were YAFL, AYBL, soccer, etc.? Or is the NMAA only supporting USSSA(?) …

— RB

WHY CAN’T THE NFL (ban) kneeling during the national anthem, and allow players the opportunity to kneel for 30 seconds before kickoff instead. Do we HAVE TO protest during our national anthem? Obviously, i don’t support protesting during the national anthem, but I do support protests at any other time. I understand the message, and agree with the message, but not with the delivery.

— Eric, Albuquerque

THE COACHES, recruiting NM, the parking or the music. So you find kneeling for the anthem more deplorable than kneeling on a man’s neck as he dies and calls for his mother. Come on man. Find another reason not to pay and attend UNM athletic events.

— Ken, Lobo and USA fan.

IT’S SO MUCH EASIER to scream “disrespecting the flag” than to say I am complicit by my silence or my actions or my words. … Trying not to be fragile.

— AL


RE: NFL’S ROONEY RULE  and the magnanimous offer of two interviews per team for minor coaches on staff: My suggestion is mandatory hiring of one coaching and one admin (staffer) per team within two years. Failure to comply would result in a $5 million fine and no draft picks for the third year. Interviews? Get serious.

— Mike Dana

AS EVERYTHING FROM syrup, portraits, college mascots and historical statues disappear from America on a daily basis, I’m sure that someone will have an issue with the Statue of Liberty too. Could it soon be headed back to France? Some can attempt to bury history but they can’t change it. The dormitory sign at Onate Hall on the main UNM campus has been removed. However, should curtains be placed over the 1930s Kenneth Adams paintings in Zimmerman Library, there’s going to be a major problem for UNM with financial support for the main campus, hospital and athletics.

— Retro Lobo

IN THE MIDST of lots of negative and just plain “bad” news in the world and locally, a ray of sunshine was buried, but evident, in (Saturday’s) Journal Sports Section on Page B2. “Lobo athletes post record-setting GPAs,” deserves a front- page viewing, given some criminal allegations made during the school year. Absent from the otherwise uplifting article were the names of the tutors and student-athlete monitors, all of whom surely deserve to take a bow and be recognized! An explanation of how that monitoring works would also be enlightening.

— Nob Hill Athletic Department Supporter